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Failure Analysis Of Dry Copper Wire Recycling Machine In Use

Time:2022-07-12 17:58:47 Views 0

Dry copper wire recycling machine is a production line for dry separation of waste wires and cables. The characteristics of this machine are that the large and small wires can be crushed and separated at the same time, no classification is required, the structure is novel, the output is large, and the power consumption is low. The sorting rate is high, the material is fed at one time, and the multi-machine cooperation is completed. The dry copper wire recycling machine not only solves the problems in the method of incineration and extraction of copper, but also improves the quality of recycled copper, recycles plastics, and solves environmental pollution. The failure analysis of the copper wire recycling machine during use is as follows:

1. In the actual processing process, due to different materials, the sizes of cut copper particles and plastic particles are also different. In order to achieve the ideal separation effect, the wind and vibration forces need to be adjusted according to the material. For example, if the material of the copper wire recycling machine is slow, the vibration frequency and wind force can be accelerated. However, if the vibration frequency is too fast, if the time of the material in the air separator is too short, some plastic particles will come out of the copper end.

2. In the airflow separation of the copper wire recycling machine, under the action of wind, light plastic particles are blown out from the material conveyed by the crusher, and move to the rear end of the airflow separator under the action of vibration. The heavy copper particles cannot be blown away by the wind, so they move to the front end of the air separator under the action of vibration.


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