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E-waste is recyclable

Time:2022-08-15 16:43:00 Views 0
    Recycling of e-waste is beneficial for both economical and environmental reasons. The e-waste contains many precious metals that can be recovered during recycling process. Our technology developed and designed production lines and equipment, especially suitable for recycling of e-waste at affordable price and easy recovery of economical products during recycling process.

   Our e waste recycling production line and equipment are tailor-made to suit specific customer requirements of recycling different types of e-waste. The metals and non-metals present in the e-waste can be separated and recycled in an efficient and economical manner with our electronic waste shredding system. We provide low-speed and high torque e-waste shredders for the recycling of e-waste. The separation and recovery are critical elements of e-waste shredding process. Our electronic waste shredder provide recycled metal, which is suitable for subsequent separation of precious metals from the impurities. Our shredders and granulator can be allow efficient shredding, separation and reclamation of marketable metals from the processing and recycling of e-waste.


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