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Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine

Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine

Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine
Capacity: 500-1000 kg/h
Separation rate: >98%
Applicable materials: Process all kinds of large copper-aluminum radiators, copper-aluminum water tanks, or motor rotor(with axle)≤15cm. Obtain pure copper and alumi

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

Copper Radiator Recycling Machine Brief Introduction:

Large scale copper aluminum radiator recycling machine can process all kinds of waste radiators, such as air conditioner, car water tanks, industrial cold storage, etc. It uses physical separation method, with high separation rate and no pollution, which is the best choice for large scale recycling company.

The scrap radiator is crushed by the first crusher, and then crushed by the second crusher. The waste radiator crushed into 3 cm is subjected to magnetic separation to separate iron, and then to air separation for air separation. Part of the aluminum can be separated, and then it is separated by specific gravity. Select pure copper and aluminum; PLC control, one-time feeding, and multiple machines cooperate to complete. Equipped with automatic shutdown, overload automatic alarm device. Improve efficiency, improve the quality of metal recovery, and at the same time recover the advantages of iron, the most important thing is to effectively solve the overflow of dust during the treatment process, reduce air pollution, and improve the recovery value of metals.

Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine Raw Materials: scrap radiator, car water tank

Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine Final Products: copper, alumium, iron

Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine Flow Chart:

1. Put radiators into shredder, to shred them into small pieces.

2. Use hammer crusher to crush small pieces into small particle in 2-3cm.

3. Use negative-pressure baffling separator to separate most light aluminum first.

4. Use air separator to separate copper and the rest aluminum.

5. During process, collect dust by pulse dust collector.

Scrap Copper Radiator Recycling Machine Advantages:

1.The entire production line adopt PLC control,ensuring the equipment operation stability.

2.Simple structure,reasonable layout;large processing capacity,stable operation;durable,safe and reliable.

3.The shredder adopts two axes of the double roller design,with advantages of low noise,large torque,and large crushing chamber etc.

4.The shredder adopts tool steel,made by a special processing technology,wide application combines cracking,tearing,and extrusion crushing,It applies to shredder different raw materials easily.

5.Magnetic separation equipment adopts strong magnetic drum separator,with sorting rate of 99%.

6.Pulse dust removal system to suppress dust overflow efficiency of 99%,no secondary pollution.

7.Using airflow sorting machine,with sorting rate of 97%.

Technical Parameter
Model Capacity(Kg/H) Dimensions(mm) Total Power(Kw) Sorting Efficiency
SRP-500 400-500 9000*8000*4800 100 98%
SRP-1000 800-1000 15000x12000x4800 220 98%
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