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Knife Crusher

Knife Crusher

The knife crusher is suitable for crushing plastic,PVC,PET,PS,ABS sheet,and plastic board,plastic pipes,plastic bottles and other plastic packaging materials,rubber,paper,wood,copper wire,aluminum plastic,etc.

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

Product description:

Knife crusher is a common equipment in solid waste recycling industry. The knife crusher is suitable for crushing plastic, PVC,PET,PS,ABS sheet,and plastic board,plastic pipes,plastic bottles and other plastic packaging materials, rubber,paper,wood,copper wire,aluminum plastic,etc.With the features of high quality,high hardness,low price,wear-resistance. As the rotor is spun at high speeds,the rotor knives come in contact with stationary knives that are mounted within the cutting chamber.The material is continuously cut until they are small enough to pass through a screen sieve.The output particle size can be adjusted through the screen mesh size.

Product features:

1.The cutter stand is designed as a step-shearing style which can resolve the force bored by cuttings,and increase the force of cutting greatly.

2.The crushing room use noise arrester,to lower noise.

3.Knife holder materials is high quality steel,rigid reasonable,not easy to broken or wear.

Technical Parameter
Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Dimension (L*W*H)mm
DP-400 100-200 15 or18.5 1500*1200*1500
DP-600 200-500 37 1700*1460*2100
DP-800 400-600 45 1800*1680*2450
DP-1000 800-1000 55 1800*1880*2450
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