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E-Waste PCB Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

E-Waste PCB Board Recycling Machine
Capacity: 300-1000 Kg/h
Raw Materials: Computer board, Phone board, TV board, CCL(copper-clad plate), PCB leftover material,etc.
Final Products: Mixed metal powder, Resin fiber powder

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

PCB Recycling Machine Application:

Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machine or PCB Recycling Machine is suitable for recycling circuit board, copper cladding plate, PCB board, mobile phone board, etc., to recover the nonferrous metal copper, gold, silver, palladium, platinum and rhodium in the waste circuit board. The whole PCB recycling machine separates the copper and resin in the circuit board through physical crushing. At the same time, the e waste PCB recycling machine is also equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to effectively solve the dust generated in the production process. The subsequent use of high voltage electrostatic sorting machine, make sorting more fine and efficient, effectively control the loss of non-ferrous metals, and metal sorting rate up to 99%.

PCB Recycling Machine Raw Materials: 
computer boards, mobile phone boards, TV boards, copper clad laminates and other household appliances.



PCB Recycling Machine Final Products: 
resin powder and copper particles



Working Voltage:380V, 415V ,440V or can be customized.
(If you want more detailed circuit board recycling machine 's parameters and quotations, please contact us)

PCB Recycling Machine Work Flow:
The first crusher adopts double-shaft shredding, the second crusher adopts hammer crusher, and the third crusher adopts high-speed turbine crusher. The material is pulverized into powder through three-stage pulverization, and then sorted by air separation equipment and electrostatic separation equipment. The recovery rate of copper in waste circuit boards is over 99% through separation and sorting machine.


PCB Recycling Machine Product advantages:

1.   Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, low noise.

2.   The recycling equipment of waste circuit board adopts two stage crushing, which can make the processing capacity reach 800kg per hour.

3.   The whole production line adopts negative pressure feeding to effectively reduce dust overflow.

4.   The sorting rate of airflow sorting equipment is up to 99%.

5.   High voltage electrostatic separator makes sorting more fine and efficient, effectively control the loss of non-ferrous metal.

6.   Equipped with magnetic separation function, iron can be separated from the material.

7.   The waste circuit board recycling equipment adopts PLC to control the complete production line for uniform feeding and coordinated operation.

8.   The grinding chamber adopts circulating water temperature control and noise reduction.

9.   The return system makes crushing more efficient.

10. The efficiency of pulse dust removal equipment is as high as 99%, which effectively inhibits dust volatilization

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Technical Parameter
Model Power(kw) Size(mm) Output(kg/h)
PCB-300 120 8000*7000*4600 200-300
PCB-500 160 9000*8000*4600 300-500
PCB-1000 300 1800*1200*4800 800-1000
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