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Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator Machine
Capacity:200-1000 kg/h
Raw Materials:old communication wires,car wires,computer wires,telephone wires,household electrical wires,etc
Final Products:Copper particles, plastic particles

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

Copper Cable Granulator Introduction:

Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine(or called copper cable granulator machine) is used to recycle waste cables with diameters less than 20mm, such as automobile line, car line, computer line, motorcycle line, communication line, etc. Copper cable wire recycling machine is composed of three parts: knife crusher, airflow separator, pulse dust collector. Airflow separators work based on the different gravity and density of copper and plastic. Copper cable granulator machine is reasonable, reduce personnel costs, its recovery rate is as high as 99%, and the separated copper and plastic particles, can be directly marketed and sold, high economic benefits, easy to operate. 

Copper Cable Granulator Machine Raw Materials: old communication wires,car wires,computer wires,telephone wires,household electrical wires,etc


Copper Cable Granulator Machine Final Product: Copper particles, plastic particles

Copper Cable Granulator Flow Chart:

Put the scrap copper wires into a knife crusher and grind the wires into a granular mixture. The crushed copper and plastic mixture is blown to an air separator by a high pressure blower. The crushed particles are driven by two vibration motors. Due to the different gravity, the copper cladding is easily collected by the blower and further screened by the shaker, while the plastic particles flow out of another discharge hole. At the same time, pulse bag dust collection equipment is used to effectively control dust overflow, dust removal efficiency up to 99%, to ensure no dust pollution.

Copper Cable Granulator Machine Product advantages:

1.Factory direct sales, quality after sale guarantee, cost-effective.

2.Complete models, but also can be customized according to different needs.

3.Unique negative pressure wind conveying system enables the whole equipment to have the advantages of non-sticking knife, automatic cooling, preventing dust spillover and improving output during operation.

4.Adopt PLC control, make the equipment feed evenly, stable and safe, and have automatic alarm function.

5.Shredding machine adopts high hardness spindle, so that the crusher has more impact force when loading.

6.Increase the current crusher knife type, increase the output by more than 30%, effectively improve the production effect and yield and greatly reduce the investment cost.

7.The combination of air separation equipment and high voltage electrostatic equipment makes the separation rate as high as 99%.

8.The material return system makes the semi-finished products pulverize twice to ensure the complete separation of metal and nonmetal.

9.Adopt new automatic pulse dust removal system, increase 36 bags of new dust removal effect, achieve zero dust emission, to meet the national top environmental protection standards.

10.Convenient maintenance, the new application of convenient disassembly tools, convenient knife change, knife sharpening, replacement of vulnerable parts such as screen mesh, greatly improve the work efficiency, save labor time.

Technical Parameter
model power(kw) size(mm) output(kg/h)
TMJ-400 30 2200*2000*2700 100-200
TMJ-600 60 4500*2200*3300 300-500
TMJ-800 90 8000*7000*4600 500-800
TMJ-1000 130 12000*10000*4600 800-1000
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