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Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine

Aluminum Plastic Recycling and Separating Machine
Capacity: 300-1000 Kg/H
Raw Materials: Aluminum Composite Panel, Medicine Blister, Food Packaging Bag, Toothpaste Tube, Al-plastic Combined Caps
Final Products: Aluminum Powder, Plastic Powder

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description
TIPS: If you want to buy aluminum plastic recycling machine, just contact us now.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Applications: 

The aluminum plastic recycling machine is mainly used for aluminum-plastic separation of various aluminum-plastic pipes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging and medical boards and other raw materials containing aluminum. Aluminum plastic recycling and separating machine can also be used for various copper wires and cables and other plastics separation and recycling of products.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Brief introduction:

Aluminum plastic recycling machine is suitable for waste soft packaging bags, capsule board, toothpaste skin, aluminum-plastic board, medicine board, aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic film and other aluminum-plastic composite materials. The aluminum plastic recycling and separating plant through physical crushing aluminum-plastic composite materials and plastic powder separation. At the same time, the al-plastic recycling plant is also equipped with pulse dust removal equipment, effectively solve the dust generated in the production process. The subsequent use of high-voltage electrostatic separator makes the sorting more precise and efficient, effectively controls the loss of non-ferrous metals, and the metal sorting rate is as high as 98%. So that the loss of aluminum and plastic are very low, aluminum reuse rate is close to 99%.

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Raw materials : 
soft packaging bags, capsule board, toothpaste skin, aluminum-plastic board, medicine board, aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic film and other aluminum-plastic composite materials

Aluminum Plastic Recycling and Separating Machine Final Products:
Plastic Powder, Aluminum Powder

Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine Work Flow:

First through the knife crusher coarsely crushed into the following 10 mm sheet material, it then enters a high-speed cold water turbine mill to pulverize the sheet into a mixture of aluminum and plastic, the spin vibration sieve screening materials conform to the requirements by using the theory of electrostatic separator separating the aluminum and plastic, unqualified material returned to mill continue to crush and then through the electrostatic separation of aluminum and plastic powder separation process. To prevent dust pollution in the production process, add pulse dust removal device after grinding, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

Product advantages:

1. High automation program, simple operation, stable performance;

2. Low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, no dust pollution;

3. electrical separation efficiency of 99%, the finished products can be directly sold;

4. wide range of sorting materials, sorting speed is fast;

5. no waste gas emissions, real green environmental protection sorting, no secondary pollution generation;

6.The aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling equipment adopts water-cooled and air-cooled turbine mill, which makes the material separation cleaner and more suitable for a wider variety of materials.

TIPS: We can design the aluminum plastic recycling machine according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us and learn more details.

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