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Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder Machine

Function: Sturdy and durable. Single shaft shredder is for recycling all kinds of bulk solid materials, difficult-to-handle materials, plastic containers and buckets, and plastic pads.

Shredded particles can be as small as 20mm according to differen

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

Single Shaft Shredder Working Principle:

The single-shaft shredder is composed of a movable cutter head and a fixed cutter to complete the function of shredding materials. The cutter head consists of a base shaft and several moving cutter blocks in the shape of a quadrilateral. The moving knife block has 4 cutting edges, which can be used for replacement. The movable cutter blocks are arranged in a V-shaped multi-row along the base shaft, and are fixed on the base shaft with screws, and rotate together with the base shaft to form a movable cutter disc. There are two sets of static knives, which are fixed on the rack. The material is pushed by the horizontal hydraulic cylinder to feed towards the cutter head. The speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsion force is large and uniform. It is suitable for reusing all kinds of bulk solid materials, irregular and difficult materials, plastic containers and plastic barrels, tubes, films, fibers, papers, etc. The spindle speed is 45~100 rpm, the work is stable and the noise is low.

Single Shaft Shredder Raw Materials and Final Products:

Single Shaft Shredder Features:
1. The PLC program control system can automatically reverse and stop, realize the automatic operation of the equipment, and make the machine operation more safe and reliable.
2. We can provide different sticks according to different materials. Choosing the right stick can improve machine performance and productivity, and we can offer three types of sticks: high performance sticks, rigid           material sticks and film sticks.
3.We have designed three different tool holders according to the material, such as welding tool holder, assembly tool holder and CNC cutting tool holder.
4. The material is cr12mov, the installation method of the power knife makes the knife cut evenly throughout the work, reducing energy consumption and noise; the blade on the rotor can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Technical Parameter
Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension (L*W*H)mm
DS-600 22+3 200-300 2250*1400*2000
DS-700 37+3 400-600 1830*1750*1850
DS-800 45+3 600-800 2740*1680*2200
DS-1000 55 800-1000 2500*1850*2300

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