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Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Capacity: 1000-2000kg/h
Raw Materials: all kinds of waste tires and rubber products
Final Products: Rubber powder and rubber particles as well as steel wires and fibers.

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

Brief Introduction

Waste tire recycling plant is suitable for all kinds of waste tires, waste rubber, waste tires or rubber products can be crushed into rubber particles and rubber powder, rubber powder(mesh)fineness can be processed according to customer needs.Usually we can provide different capacity of 1000kg/h to 2000kg/h waste tire recycling production line; colloidal particle size 0-6mm, powder particle size 5-120 mesh, production line including tire wire drawing machine, tire shredding machine, tire wire separator, tire rubber particle machine, tire fiber separation system.

Raw Materials

Final Product

Flow chart

The waste tire recycling production line will first pull out the steel wire inside the tire, and then crush the tire block(3-8cm)into 1-6mm rubber particles, separate the steel wire and nylon fiber from the rubber particles, and get the pure finished product.

Product advantages

1.Strong flexibility,suitable for all kinds of different specifications of material processing.

2.Strong operability,manual actual operation,easier to control.

3.Reasonable design,easy operation and maintenance.

4.Reduce the cost while effectively ensuring the quality of the material.

Technical Parameter
Mode Power(kw) Weight(kg) Overall Dimension(mm) processing(kg/h)
LT-1000 240 8500 4500*1900*1700 1000
LT-1500 300 13000 4500*1900*1700 1500
LT-2000 450 175000 5300*2100*1700 2000
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