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How to recycle scrap solar pv panel?

Time:2022-09-14 15:54:11 Views 0
In view of the current problems in the recycling of solar pv panel materials, we have developed a large-scale solar photovoltaic panel recycling equipment that is non-toxic, high in separation efficiency, low in cost, and easy to handle in terms of process flow, which has important application value and academic significance. The photovoltaic panel processing equipment extracts silicon powder, copper powder and plastic with high market value through physical crushing and sorting. There are generally three main steps for the recycling of photovoltaic modules: first, disassemble the modules by machine or manually, and remove the backplane, wires and aluminum frames; the second step is to remove the tempered glass; the third step is to disassemble the remaining components. The panels are crushed and sorted to extract metals and plastics.

Waste solar photovoltaic panels The main components of photovoltaic modules are aluminum frame, glass, cell, EVA film, and backplane. Among them, the main component of glass is silica, and the secondary components are soda ash, limestone, magnesium oxide, alumina, mirabilite, and carbon; EVA is mainly ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer; the core components of the battery are mainly monocrystalline silicon and Polysilicon; the main material of the frame is metal aluminum; the back plate is composed of two layers of PVF film and one layer of PET film. More than 90% of these materials can be recycled.

Workflow: Firstly, the scrapped photovoltaic panels enter the shredder to be shredded in small pieces. Second, the shredded materials enter the vibrating sieving machine and Sieve out a small part of the silicon powder. Third, The shredded materials will be crushed by the crusher and then separated by the circular vibrating screen to separate and collect some silicon powder. Fourth, The material enters the grinding system and separates all copper powder and plastic powder through the air separator. At the same time, the last remaining silicon powder is sieved through a circular vibrating screen. During the whole processing, the dust will be collected by the dust removal system.



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