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Scrap Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Machine

Time:2022-12-06 15:22:26 Views 0

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Machine Advantages:

1.Lithium-ion battery recycling plant mainly adopts physical recycling method, which has the characteristics of green and low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, and no secondary       pollution.

2.Taking economic and environmental benefits into account, both valuable components can be utilized and harmful components can be treated innocuously.

3.Lithium battery recycling plant was automatic, high recovery efficiency, strong processing capacity, waste lithium battery valuable components recovery rate of more than 98%.

Scrap Lithium Battery Recycling Plant Processing Steps:

The pretreatment process of lithium battery recycling machine mainly comprises the following steps: after discharging the recovered waste batteries, crushing, magnetic separation, air separation, crushing, gravity separation, screening and other processes are carried out by mechanical equipment.


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