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PCB recycling machine ewaste recycling machine

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Recycling metals and non-metals of pcb electronic components


Because of the high-grade precious metals such as Au, Ag, Cu, Pd, Ta, etc., the waste PCB has a large residual value.
Capacitors are one of the main components in electrical and electronic products. Most capacitors are composed of PET film or PP film, iron needles (also known as electronic feet, outer tinned inner layer copper), aluminum foil and outer red or green paint shell. After equipment treatment, it is concluded that the aluminum sheet in the capacitor is about 30%, the iron needle is about 10%, the vinyl tip is about 25%, and the oil paper and plastic are about 35%. It can be reused after environmental protection treatment. So the recycling value is great. The recycling value of waste capacitors is great, and waste capacitors can be refined into aluminum ingots.
To remove electronic components from circuit boards, we usually use our circuit board disassembly machines. It melts the tin by heating, and then the electronic components will fall off, this device can save a lot of manpower. You can then extract precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, etc. from the obtained electronic components using precious metal refining equipment. The bare motherboard can be crushed, ground and separated by our circuit board recycling equipment to get pure copper powder and resin powder.
Obviously, it is impractical or uneconomical to recycle electronic components from waste PCB boards as functional parts. However, recycling precious metals from PCB boards and electronic components not only protects the environment, but is an investment-worthy option.



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