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PCB Board Disassembly Machine

Circuit Board Disassembly Machine

PCB Board Disassembly Machine
Capacity: 200-500 Kg/h
Raw Materials: Computer board, Phone board, TV board,etc
Final Products: Mother Boards, Electronic components

Phone/WhatsApp: +86 15803827885

Product Description

PCB Board Disassembly Machine:

PCB Board Disassembly Machine Brief Introduction:

Automatic circuit board(PCB) disassembly machine is composed of circuit board disassembly machine and waste gas treatment equipment, mainly used to disassemble electronic components from the waste circuit board, because different components contain different metals, some components contain gold, silver,palladium and other precious metals, while some components contain toxic substances. Some components can be sorted and sold directly. The disassembled motherboard is also easier to break and separate copper, which greatly reduces the work of the crushing and sorting section and improves the recycling rate of precious metals.


PCB Board Disassembly Machine Raw Material:


PCB Board Disassembly Machine Flow Chart:

Automatic circuit board disassembly equipment

The automatic circuit board(PCB) disassembly machine melts the tin on the circuit board by heating it and then uses rolling friction to separate the electronic components from the motherboard. In this process, the exhaust gas is absorbed by activated carbon to treat the formaldehyde, and then water is sprayed to precipitate the exhaust gas.

PCB Board Disassembly Machine Features:

1.Full automatic working, save labor, two persons are enough;

2.Tin remove and dismantling components at one step, Automatic temperature controlled by our heating system;

3.Large capacity: 300kg/h,500kg/h, Operating safety and easily;

4.Less damage to the components, keep the precious metals no losing;

5.Mother board and components can be proceed respectively in the next step to improve economic benefits;

6.Friendly to the air environment, all the smoke processing by the waste gas treatment system.

Technical Parameter
Model Capacity(Kg/H) Dimensions(mm) Total Power(Kw)
CJJ-300 200-300 1850*1500*1600 5
CJJ-500 400-500 2300*1800*1800 7.7
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