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  Electronic components dismantling machine

Time:2024-01-23 15:51:52 Views 0
  Electronic components dismantling machine/ circuit board disassembly machine

Electronic waste contains a large number of circuit boards, and many components on the waste circuit boards contain various toxic and harmful substances and heavy metals. It is necessary to disassemble and separate these parts before recycling the waste circuit boards. On the other hand, some components removed from scrap circuit boards are still valuable and many companies are recycling them.

At present, the circuit board disassembly machine is mainly used for disassembly electronic components of PCB boards. Circuit boards with electronic components generate smoke and odors during disassembly. These fumes not only affect the health of workers, but also cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment.

The purpose of this utility model is to overcome the problem that a large amount of smoke and dust and pungent odors are generated when the existing circuit board disassembly machine disassembles waste circuit boards, and provides a circuit board disassembly  device. A purifier can effectively remove dust. The ultraviolet photolysis air purifier can irradiate the odorous gas, effectively decompose the odorous gas, decompose the toxic and harmful substances in the odorous gas, and achieve the deodorization effect. The decomposed malodorous gas can be discharged harmlessly , and never produce secondary pollution.


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