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How Electrostatic Separator To Work

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An electrostatic separator is a device for separating particles by mass in a low energy charged beam.It works on the principle of corona discharge, where two plates are placed close together and high voltage is applied. This high voltage is used to separate the ionized particles.

Electrostatic separation is a process that uses electrostatic charges to separate crushed particles of material. An industrial process used to separate large amounts of material particles, electrostatic separating is most often used in the process of metal and non-metal composite materials. This process can help remove the metal and non-metal, for example the aluminum foil/film,medical blister,aluminum composite plant and PCB,etc.

Generally, electrostatic charges are used to attract or repel differently charged material. When electrostatic separation uses the force of attraction to sort particles, conducting particles stick to an oppositely charged object, such as the power of metal and non-metal composite materials, thereby separating them from the particle mixture. When this type of metal and non-metal composite materials uses repelling force, it is normally employed to change the trajectory of falling objects to sort them into different places. This way, when a mixture of particles falls past a repelling object, the particles with the correct charge fall away from the other particles when they are repelled by the similarly charged object.

Charge is the measure of the electric current flowing through an object. A charge can be positive or negative — objects with a positive charge repel other positively charged objects, thereby causing them to push away from each other, while a positively charged object would attract to a negatively charged object, thereby causing the two to draw together. Electrostatic charges are the charges associated with static electricity. Generally, electrostatic charges can build up by friction and can be observed when a balloon attracts a person's hair after the balloon is rubbed against the person's head.

Our factory use the theory of electric separation to produce the electric separator,and the equipment can be used with the other equipment to recycle the aluminum-plastic and the PCB.The equipment has the high purity and high separation rate.


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