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Photovoltaic Panel Recycling Machine

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Solar panels can convert light energy into electrical energy, which brings great convenience to outdoor lighting. As a new energy source, solar energy reduces environmental pollution to a large extent, but at the same time it may involve another problem. That is, the equipment that uses these new energy sources, such as solar panels, are damaged and scrapped. Has it caused new pollution? This involves the recycling of solar panels. How to recycle and reuse the scrapped solar photovoltaic panels?

In fact, many materials for making battery panels can still be recycled. For example, the core material crystalline silicon can be reused in the heavy metal industry, glass panels can be sent to glass manufacturing, aluminum frames can be sent to aluminum refineries, cables, After the joints and the like are crushed, they can be reused in the form of copper beads, and waste plastics and the like can be used as fuel... So as long as they are handled properly, there is no need to worry too much about the environmental impact of solar panels after they are scrapped. The current developed photovoltaic panel recycling and processing equipment can recycle photovoltaic panels very well without causing pollution. Let's formally introduce this specific process:

The specific process of photovoltaic panel recycling equipment: first, disassemble the glass on the photovoltaic panel; second step, disassemble, remove the back plate and wires; third step, break the components and remove the outer tempered glass; fourth step Pyrolysis, the main purpose of this step is to dissolve the EVA; the latter step is extraction, to take out the valuable metals and silicon materials in the components. It has been officially put into operation and can disassemble, sort, process and recycle 95% of the materials in the crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels: 2/3 of the glass is recycled into broken glass and sent to the glass factory; the aluminum frame is sent to aluminum refineries; waste plastics can be used as fuel in cement plants; recovered silicon can be reused in the precious metals industry; remaining cables and connectors are crushed and sold as copper beads.


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