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How does circuit board recycling machine work

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With the increasingly fierce competition in home appliance market,the elimination rate of waste circuit board is getting higher and higher.The pollution of electronic and electrical PCB circuit board waste is becoming more and more serious,and the circuit board recycling equipment can turn these seemingly"garbage"waste circuit board into"precious wealth",and realize the recycling of electronic waste.

circuit board recycling equipment

Waste circuit board into circuit board recycling equipment for metal separation,after crushing-crushing-classification-separation-dust can be separated from the metal powder and tree powder.The whole process adopts the fine technology of physical crushing and separation.There is sound insulation material inside the pulverizer to reduce the noise.The self-developed three-in-one dust collector is used to collect dust without dust pollution.Metal separator adopts high voltage electrostatic separator for separation,metal recovery and purity in more than 99%,greatly improving the economic benefits of users,for enterprises to create wealth.

circuit board recycling equipment

The circuit board recycling equipment adopts advanced mechanical grinding and high voltage electrostatic separation to ensure the purity of metal and nonmetal after separation.Moreover,the high degree of automation of the equipment saves labor and costs for the enterprise.The circuit board recovery equipment has good comprehensive performance,has a unique effect on computer board,computer board,TV board and other circuit control board,and also has compatibility with various circuit board recovery containing capacitors.
We have been committed to environmental protection equipment research and development for many years,is the production of circuit board recycling equipment old brand manufacturers,welcome customers to negotiate cooperation.


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